"I have some good news for you and some bad news"...........

"The good news is that you haven't got Motor Neuron disease but the bad news is that you are suffering from Muscular Dystrophy, a genetically inherited, progressive muscle degenerating disease."

So, at the age of nearly fifty, Stan Kearey learnt the reason why he was experiencing those alarming, high speed and unpredictable falls, which pitched him into an untidy, embarrassing and sometimes painful sprawl on the floor.

There had been no inkling in his active and often headstrong youth, that a genetically inherited time bomb was waiting to be unleashed. Later, he pursued a successful career in the motor industry and played his fair share of active sports with the same vigour as he pursued his life.

He is "Dad" to five sons from his first marriage and another, Tim, with his beloved Pauline. It was in the early 80`s that the manifestation of his MD became very evident and as the financial pressures, combined with the cold English weather, sapped his spirit, the decision to embark on the "Spanish Adventure" was hatched.

The "corner of Spain" that Stan and Pauline found is, in their eyes, a paradise. The local people, who still consider the quality of life to be the aim of their existence, have made them welcome, their hospitality unbounded in its generosity and warmth.

Stan Kearey tells, in a factual, humorous and anecdotal way, of his fight to conquer the racing effect of the disease on his mobility. His book was written over two years using finger and thumb, to encourage others to seek for themselves a life of quality and contentment and, as a bonus, to extend both their physical well-being and peace of mind away from the stress of modern day living. 
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