Computer Painting

el Tosal

I don't know where to start really........ I passed the Spanish amateur radio exam and so, for a while, I talked round the world on my "Ham" radio, my call sign is EA5ADZ. Finally though, the arms and hands gave out and I got a bit frustrated not being able to operate the radio properly.

I then became very taken with the thought that I could communicate around the world with my computer,  which I could operate with only the very minimum of movement in my fingers and the voice recognition program. I create paintings on my computer using Fauve Matisse  and CorelPaint 8, and frame them up as pictures.  I email regularly to my friends around the well, some suffering with Muscular Dystrophy and others who share my interest in genealogy. I also,  amongst other things, use the computer to make Cross Stitch patterns for enthusiasts that live in the area.

Much of my time was spent helping a number of Spanish children to cope with the vagaries of the English language. Once again the computer was bought into play creating exercise sheets, examples and homework papers. I've also got some useful English reading books on CD Rom with Spanish translations which were really good to work with. Unfortunatly due to my failing strength (2001) I've had to wrap up this very fulfilling occupation.

Not long ago I completed ( 1996) a "two years of finger and thumb typing" autobiographical and anecdotal book about my experiences called "On Wheels in Spain", which I published in the Autumn of 1997.

I enjoy my life, my family, my friends, my work and the "laid back" rural life style that surrounds me............... What more could a man want?