Polop's Church and Mt. Ponoch

Polop church

Polop de la Marina.

The Barony of Polop has a past full of history and legends, a place where the Arabic and Christian cultures join. The presence of water and its own micro-climate have given rise to this miraculous white town in the centre of a green oasis at the foot of the mountain Ponoch.
The peaks that are out-standing in this area are Ponoch, at 1,181 metres (3874.6 ft), the "coll del Llamp" and the "Tossal".
With an agricultural tradition that goes back to Muslim times and which was based on producing and exporting wine and raisins, it has been extended in the modern times to citric fruits, nisperos and almonds.
The beautiful country-side and the kind climate, together with its tranquillity, just a few miles from the mountains, make Polop an exeptional place to live or visit.

The Town and its Surroundings

The town of Polop, head of the old Barony, is situated to the left of the Canal precipice and constructed on a hill at the foot of Polop’s castle, which is now a cementery. The towns aspect is of a colage of white houses, surrounded by agricultural terrain. In past times it was one of the most important centers of area "La Marina Baixa". Under the shelter of it’s primitive castle, the Arab population made the town flourish as the most important village in the area.

The fountains of "Los Chorros"

Los chorros

The town has an interesting parish church, with a tower dedicated to Saint Peter.
"The fountain of the Chorros", with it’s 221 streams of fresh water has never gone dry
There is a shrine dedicated to Saint Roque. In Xirles, to the north west of Polop, there is a shrine dedicated to Saint Raymond, whose origins may go back to Greek times.

The Fiesta Queen and her 'Damas'

fiesta float


In the middle of August the village celebrates the festival in honour to "La Virgen de la Asunción" and "San Roque" with a "porrat" and pilgrimage.

They’re colourful festivals with parades, musical bands, processions, dances, floats, traditional dances, "pelota valenciana" in the Main Street of the town, fireworks, bull runs and children’s games.