stan in the wheels

Me in the wheels- July 2005

My name is Stan Kearey. I had to give up working earlier than I wanted to because in 1983, at the age of 49 I was diagnosed as having Muscular Dystrophy (limb girdle type) (see MD pages) which, at that time, caused me to fall about in untidy heaps on the floor. Now, after all these years, it has rather immobilized me. In 2001 I was fitted with a gastrostomy tube (read about gastrostomy tubes) through which I take all my bottled food and drink, a big loss to my food loving body I can tell you. Anyone that would like to read how we live with this nasy disease can visit my page "Our Way" here

My background is motor vehicle engineering. I was a Fellow of Institute of the Motor Industry (F.I.M.I.) and a Member of the Institute of Road Transport Engineers (M.I.R.T.E.). Towards the end of my working life I ended up director/general manager of a large Ford Truck and PSV dealership in England.

I married my first wife Jean in 1954 when I was 20 and soon after did my stint of National Service with the REME. I was stationed at Crickhowell in Wales and later at "The Citadel" in Plymouth. I finished up as a Corporal VM.

Jean and I divorced in 1977, leaving me to look after my five sons at home.

Two years later I met my gorgeous wife Pauline (see her web site). We married in 1980 and my sixth son Kass was born in 1983. As my health deteriorated, in 1988 we made the decision to move to Spain, one of the best decisions I ever made.

In 2003 Kass returned to England to seek his fortune and there he met and married his American wife in 2006. Steve my eldest son lives and works in Chicago, USA. The other boys remain in the UK.