My love of photography goes back to my childhood. Ever since I could remember my father would,on any occasion, take pictures of the family. This passion of his, in turn goes back to his childhood in the very early 1900's.


My fathers cameras were, an ancient Kodak box 2aBrownie and a Kodak2 folding brownie which took 120 size film and had a lid on the front that allowed the bellows to slide forwards for focusing. This was his pride and joy.

snI remember as a boy setting up this camera to take still life and action shots with my dinky toys. This then fuelled my desire to take up photography as a serious amateur after I had married and had finished my stint of National Service with the REME.

gugoMy first camera was an East German made Gugo, taking 120 roll film, a basic body with a sliding tube lens mount but fabulous Steiner Vario lens. This was my camera for a good few years until I could afford a better one.

As time went by, my level of interest grew stronger. I joined The Luton and District Camera Club and got very involved with all aspects of photography. I graduated from my Gugo, to a SLR Practika then a Pentax finally ending up with my fantastic Nikon FE. gugoBy this time I was hanging my B/W prints and giving 35mm slide show presentations in local club exhibitions.

My MD though, finally won the battle with my mobility and I abandoned my bathroom dark room in which I had spent so many enjoyable hours. Quite soon after this the camera too became impossible for me to operate and was confined to its camera bag in the wardrobe.

Since that time I have spent much of my time on the computer, working with images and web pages etc. I now have a lovely photographic assistant Pauline and we conspire together to produce pictures and slideshows for our friends and family. We now have a Cannon EOS350D SLR with a Tamron standard short zoom and a Tamron zoom lens. We've been able rig it up with an electronic shutter release so that I can take bird pictures from my bed.

I was introduced to an excellent slideshow software application recently called "Pictures to EXE" by Winsoft (On this site you will find lots of tutorials and demo) which I have found to be really good to use. I've put a few examples of my more general slideshow attempts below to show you what I've been up to.

If necessary a free zip file program is HERE . Download the program to your computer and double click to install it.
Description Title Zip file Size
A walk through our garden at Casa Patista "Garden Walk" 12Mb
A miscellany of scanned 35mm slide pictures taken with my Nikon FE some 25 years ago. "Bags of Images" Bags of 16Mb
Snow pictures taken from 35mm slides "Snow Landscape" snow 9Mb
Garden birds taken from my bed by remote control "Garden Birds" garden 36Mb
Traction Engines in Monochrome "The Traction Engine Rally Came to Town" Engine 35.5Mb

(Download the zip file to a new folder, double click to bring up your zip file program, extract and finally double click the slideshow .exe file to run it.)