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This collection is of my direct line; (N.London and home counties)
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Martha Sutton with her daughter Martha
Due to the age of the photographic plate, we speculate that this could be Martha Sutton with her daughter Martha (to become Martha Kearey), taken in 1857.
A studio picture of my Grandmother Martha taken in about 1880. She would have been 22 years of age.
thomas henry_and mary ann kearey Thomas Henry and Mary Anne (nee Chuter)
A studio picture of Thomas Henry and Mary Anne. Thomas was the eldest son of Thomas and Hannah and the eldest brother of Alfred (and Martha). Although Thomas was born in 1842 in Kensington and was married in 1863 in Barnes, the couple moved to Farnham around 1890, probably because Mary was born there and her mother lived there.
Alfed and Martha Kearey with baby
Alfred and Martha Kearey with unidentified baby.1883?
My grandfather and grandmother with one of my fathers brothers at 5 Salem Gdns. Taken maybe in the early 1880’s, when my grandfather was about 26 and my grandmother about 23 years of age.
Lil Kearey Lilian Maud 1898 (About 7 yrs old)
A studio picture taken when the family were enjoying happy years at 80 Elgin Ave, Paddington. The family had moved from Salem Gdns when the houses were demolished for redevelopment in 1896.
Albert Kearey
Albert Edward (Bert)1898
My father about 9 or 10 years old. The uniform is perhaps that of the Boy’s Brigade of which he was a member.
albert and lil at school
The 'London School Board' School in Amberley Road, Paddington. (Grade XVI) (about 1902)
In the photograph, Bert (about 13yrs old) is last on the right of the third row. Lil his sister (Lillian Maud Kearey aged about 12) is next to him. N.B. Bert is wearing a black armband. This maybe in mourning for their Grandmother,Martha Sutton who died in that year..
dad at work
Albert_at work 1904 (front row,far left)
My father joined the Great Central Railway Co in March 1904, age 15. At that time there were no vacancies for junior clerks, and he was posted on probation on work in the Goods Office. A few months later a vacancy occurred on the staff of Thompson McKay & Co Carting Agents to the G.C.R. and he was appointed as junior clerk
Alfred.(Grandad) 1905
Evidently a studio picture taken of my grandfather maybe around 1905..Alfred was the third son of Thomas and Hannah. His trade was recorded as “a house painter”.
My grandmother Martha around 1905.
Her maiden name was Sutton, her father William was a carpenter, her mother Martha a laundry woman. Both of her grandfathers were vicars in London one, Samual Elyas Pierce chaplain to the Lord Mayor of London.
Bertie (about 1908-1910)
Bert joined the Territorial Army with the 13th(County of London)Bn The London Regiment (Princess Louise Kensington) at the age of 16.Here with an unidentified companion who is a Royal Fusilier (City of London Regiment) and is either a Territorial or a Cadet.
Tea table Tea table
Sunday tea. 1909
The Kearey family at the tea-table at 80 Elgin Ave, Paddington, in about 1909. Walter, grandfather, grandmother, Sidney, Bert (dad) and Ede.
Bert now a sergeant (1911-1912)
My father about 21 or 22 years old
Kearey family The Kearey family at 80 Elgin Ave, Paddington in 1911
Alfred Ernest 29, Walter Ambrose 25, Albert Edward (Bert) 22
Edith May 17, Martha 53, Alfred 57, Lillian Maud 20
Sidney Reginald 11 , William Benjamin 14
Note: Maybe the picture was taken by Frederick, (then 27)
Edith dressed to kill, about 1912 at the age of 18.
Taken in the garden at 80, Elgin Ave, Paddington, about 1912. Then about 26 years of age.
Grandmother Martha in the garden. 1915
Grandmother taken at 80 Elgin Ave, Paddington, on Palm Sunday, 28th March 1915.
Alfred in the garden. 1915
Grandfather taken at 80 Elgin Ave, Paddington, on Palm Sunday, 28th March 1915.He was then 61 years of age. He was to pass away 2 years later in 1917.
Alfred (grandad), Alfred,Edith, Walter and Martha (grandma)
Taken at 80, Elgin Ave, Paddington, on Palm Sunday, in 1915. Looks like a typical Sunday tea.
Marth (she writes ”the flash made me shut my eyes”) Alfred, Walter and Will.
Taken at 80, Elgin Ave, Paddington, in about 1915. Walter about 15, Will about 17 years old.
William, Alfred and Sydney (abt. 1915)
Taken about 1915 at Elgin Ave. Both Alf and Sid were to be killed in the “great”war, Sid when he was only 17 years old.
Lil Lillian Maud(abt. 1915)
A studio picture taken around 1915. Auntie “Lil“ would have been 23 or 24 years old at that time.
Edith May (abt. 1915)
Another studio picture taken probably at the same time as her sister around 1915. Aunt “Edie“ would have been between 20 and 21 years old at that time.
Albert Albert Edward(1914)
My father taken in the same photographic studio, presumably just before the Great War, 1914-18. He went to France in November 1914 as a Company Sergeant Major in the 13BN London Regiment and return decorated for gallantry (DCM) at the battles of Ypres and Cambrai 1917; enemy offensive at Vimy, 1918; Arras, 1918; and Maubeuge, 1918. He was also mentioned in dispatches twice.
Sydney and bike, 1916.
Taken at 80, Elgin Ave, Paddington, in about 1916. Syd about 16 years old.
Bert and Fred, about 1914.
A studio picture taken together before leaving for the trenches in France. Fred lost his life at The Somme in 1918.
Frederick and family (1916)
Fred and his wife Lucy with their family -from left to right- Winnie, 3, Robert, 9, Elsie, 5, Lillian, 11, baby Leonard, 2 mnths and Ernest, 7. Taken in 1916 , maybe the last time at home before Fred lost his life at the battle of the Somme in France
Walter and Edith's marriage (1912)
Wal and Edith (nee Davies)married April 6th 1912.
Back row: Tom (Edith's young brother) and Fred Middle row: Walter's sister Lilian, Edith Davies, Walter and sister Edith. We don't know who the little girls in the front are
walter_and_family Walter and family (1914)
Walter (minus moustache), his wife Edith with baby Dorien. The picture was taken by Alf at lunchtime on Sunday the 20th of December, 1914. He departed for Malta on the 23rd Dec 1914 and died in the following November at Gallipoli, Turkey.
Syd joins up, 1916/17
Taken at 80, Elgin Ave, Paddington, in 1916/17. Maybe the last picture of Syd before he was killed at war at St. Julien, France.
Martha Kearey (1918?)
A picture taken at the end of the 14/18 war. She would have “lost”her husband Alfred, and the war would have claimed four of her sons by this time. She wears some of their campaign medals.
gmok3 Albert; about 1920
Now a Regimental Sergeant Major dressed in "dress" uniform with his gallantry and campaign medals.
Edward Albert Kenneth, 1924
Edward Albert Kenneth (formally Kenneth Baker b. 1920) was adopted, as a baby, into the family in 1920, to fill the void left by the tragic losses to the family between 1914 and 1918. Taken in about 1924 at 7 Harvist Road, Kilburn, to where the family had moved.
gmok_ken Martha and Edward (abt 1927)
Taken in the late 1920’s at the house at 7 Harvist Road, Kilburn, to where the family had moved.
Ted and Hazel, 1941.)
Edward (Ted) married Hazel Anne Lines in 1941 at Barnet church.
Martha (abt 1935)
Martha, taken about 1935 at 7 Harvist Road, Kilburn.
Albert and Elsie's marriage 1933
Albert Edward “Bert” 44 and Elsie May Collins 25, married at Tatworth Church ,South Chard, Somerset on the 3rd Sept. 1933. This picture taken in the doorway of the Collins family cottage (Rosalie)in Tatworth.
Major A.E.Kearey DCM
My father was too old to be called to arms in 1939 at the outbreak of the second world war. He became though, once again, a full time professional soldier for the duration of the war as a Major in the Home Guard being second in command, City of London Division, responsible for the defence of London.